Guide on Diamond Cuts From Ritanti Fine Jewelry

While ‘popping the question’ may seem a simple task, the concept of marriage is a serious issue and requires much consideration.  This is not only the concept itself but the type of engagement ring used during the proposal.  If you are sure that marriage is for you and want to make a proposal, it is vital that the correct engagement ring be used.  The most common type of engagement ring is the diamond ring and there are different cuts available for purchase.

A diamond cut refers to the shape of the diamond set in the ring; therefore, in general terms the cut can be considered the shape of the diamond.  Of course, the cut involves many more components than shape exclusively and refers to the width, depth and length of the diamond.  This is one of the most significant aspects contributing to the value of the diamond and can influence the appraisal of the ring.  This article will provide information on the most common types of diamond cuts used for engagement rings.

The Round Cut Diamond

The round cut diamond is without a doubt the most popular diamond shape used for engagement rings.  It presents with a 360-degree symmetrical shape and is easily refined to present with a brilliant shine.  The shine makes the diamond brighter, fierier and more visible in any style of ring.

The Princess Cut Diamond

While the round cut diamond is the most popular symmetrical shaped cut available, the most popular non-round diamond cut is the princess cut diamond.  This shape is considered to be a modern classic due to its clean square lines with refined brilliance.  While the princess cut is extremely similar to the round cut regarding sparkle, this shape has only been utilized for approximately thirty years.  The round cut shape in comparison has been used for centuries by diamond cutters.